Terms and Conditions, User Agreement, Cancellations, Booking, and Appointment Policies.

Terms and Conditions
By using the website at http://www.natekieser.com, you agree that all information contained herein will be kept private and not used anywhere else online, in print, on tv, radio, or other mediums except for by authorized persons associated with http://www.natekieser.com and Nate Kieser himself. Certain information may be used outside of this website in order to process transactions or make legal business transactions pertaining to your sale. All of this, I say to you that I will take your business transactions very seriously.

Sales Transations
All sales transactions are in the power of the buyer and not the seller. I, Nate Kieser, and my affiliates will always guarantee every transaction to you. If we say we will give you pictures within two weeks, we mean it! If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, please don’t hesitate to contact me at nate@natekieser.com. Some transactions may be non-refundable, so be sure to check when purchasing if it is a non-refundable transaction. Please see below for Nate Kieser’s cancellation policy and possibly non-refundable transactions.

Cancellation Policy
By paying a photo-payment to Nate Kieser before your photo shoot, you will confirm your date and time of your shoot. To cancel your date and get a full refund on your photo deposit, you must give at least one week notice.  All cancellations made less than one week of the photo-shoot date cannot be rescheduled and will lose any deposit and/or payment associated with the shoot.  All shoots confirmed by payment within one week are non-refundable.  Payments cannot be transferred to another photo shoot unless specifically asked and granted by Nate Kieser.

Booking & Appointment Policy
When you confirm an appointment, you are reserving a specific time slot and date.  If you arrive late to your appointment without notice, it is possible that I may only be able to provide my services until the original agreed upon end time.  For example, if we book a one-hour shoot for Friday at 1pm until 2pm, and you show up at 1:30pm, you may only get a half hour of shooting time.  Why?  I may have other appointments after yours.  I charge by the hour and not always by the job.  If additional shooting time is available, it will be billed at $50/hr unless otherwise agreed upon.  If you arrive late, I reserve the right to cancel your appointment and any prior payments or deposits towards your shoot may not be refunded.

Thank you, and if you have any questions about the above, email Nate Kieser at nate@natekieser.com.

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